Business Process Management

“Business Process Analysis (BPM) is a combination of tools and methodologies that are used to save cost, add value, reduce time and reduce risk.




We are currently seeing a lot of organizations undertaking BPA/BPM within their current processes and using BPA to try multiple different new ways of doing business.

We are also seeing BPA/BPM used in mergers and acquisitions, where the implied process in both of the organizations are documented and analyzed to see which is the best of breed – which one might be the one that subsumes the other.

BPA is also being used for packaged implementations. Each package has its own implied business process flow and to match it against your existing flow is a very important step. Particularly when you are dealing with changing people’s lives in their work.

The Value of Multi-user Process Modeling

The value of multi user process modeling is that you get everybody involved. At the end of the game they are the people who have to implement these business process models. If you get them involved up front there is a significant amount of commitment and buy-in to be gained.

Another issue is that business process models are complex and include multiple different specialties. Multi-user process modeling is a way to bring those specialties together.

The Future of BPM

The future of business process analysis and management is very strong. We are seeing it in three different areas: Business Process Analysis solution providers, BPA methodology providers and BPA tool providers.

In the area of tool provision we are seeing a growth rate that’s about 15% compounded annual growth rate and about a half a billion-dollar market. One of the reasons we are seeing strong growth in this area is that people are realizing they need analysis in front of execution. Hence the Business Process Management vendors and the Application Integration vendors are looking for BPA partners.