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home.bannerSagewise Consulting is a leader in Skills development. We offer individuals and organization world class education and consulting services that are unparalled in the industry. Through four comprehensive education portfolios, Sagewise provides leading edge programs and services that lead to breakthrough performance for the individual who participates in our courses and for their organizations that have the foresight to select us as their partner in performance and professional development.

Far reaching change initiatives such as these involve complex linkages between organizations and require multi stakeholder agreements on the business design. As government design and measure the impact of delivery of programs there is a critical need to break down boundaries between departments, functions and ministries and reduce duplication and provide better value for government expenditure

Banks exist in one of the most competitive environment in all business. Keeping customers and attracting new customers, rapidly delivering new products, consistent service through multiple channels (Branch office, Internet, ATM, Telephone) and meeting regulatory requirements is a daunting pursuit.

Sagewise has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations to achieve the development of professionals, capabilities, processes and skills. We work with clients to help assess needs, design custom solutions and training, measure the value and effectiveness of solutions create effective environments, make changes in organizational culture and develop tools techniques and methodologies.

Business Architecture

In today’s knowledge- and innovation-driven complex economy, business architects are in growing demand.
They are cross-functionally excellent people

Oil and Gas

ln the past, annual estimates of workforce
needs proved sufficient. Now, the need for
certain skills can change dramatically over
the course of a year.

Wind Alternate Energy

The RW turbines are specially designed to withstand high winds and icing in telecom towers as well as produce electricity in under 2 m/sec. and over 50 m/sec.

Project Management

Project management is a discipline. It applies
principles, tools, concepts, and techniques to
improve project performance and organizational

Business Analysis

We are in the digital age and things are moving
so fast that are moving very fast with technology
changing every day the only thing constant is Change

Business Process Management

Business Process Analysis (BPA) is a combination of tools and methodologies that are used to save cost, add value, reduce time and reduce risk.