Wind Alternate Energy

RW Wind Turbine

The turbines are specially designed to withstand high winds and icing in telecom towers as well as produce electricity in under 2 m/sec. and over 50 m/sec. Sagewise partners wants to answer the markets need for rugged green solutions where non-renewable energy sources have been the only solution so far as well as protect bird life and limit operations costs. This turbine will go through various stress tests in the upcoming months. All turbines are nearly silent and need little or no maintenance, which is a great feature in isolated situations.

Wind Turbine for Cabins, Residential, Solar & Energy Security


windSagewise partners specializes in designing and manufacturing small scale vertical axis wind turbines for providing 100% green energy in extreme weather conditions as well as low wind areas with virtually no need of maintenance. Currently there are two product lines in production. The RW turbine is specially designed for generating power for telecom towers and surveillance spots and the CW is aimed for residential applications, such as your home or cabin – Whether you’re connected to the grid or not.


The wind turbines emphasize on:

  • Tough build with carbon fiber, stainless steel and high strength aluminum
  • Wide production range; in extremely low (under 2 m/s) and high winds (over 50 m/s) with patent pending solutions
  • Nearly silent (˂35 db)
  • No need to face the wind direction
  • No effect on bird life
  • 30 year lifetime
  • Virtually no maintenance.