Business Analysis

Business Analysis – Setting the standard

Business Analysts are rarely understood for the value they bring to the process of business change. And yet the core of business analysis, the project based approached to business problem solving is key in our era of rapid change and innovation.

Why Business Analysis?

A major difference between organisations that become the victims of change, and those who manage and benefit from it, lies in the professionalism with which they tackle the issues and approach. The change that has become our way of life can best be assimilated by a structured but flexible approach, which seeks to minimise organisational disruption while maximising the delivery of business benefits.

The business analyst is a vital element in, and lubricant of, the engine of change delivery. Having fully understood the needs of the change sponsor, the analyst is often the key to reconciling the needs and fears of all other stakeholders in the process. Real dangers exist if the business analysis role is ignored and a project is too focused on its narrow needs and boundaries, ignoring the rest of the business and those stakeholders.

The Role of the Business Analyst

A key role of the business analyst is the identification and reconciliation of the practical and ‘people’ problems that can bedevil and delay the best planned of projects. The move towards balancing the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills in delivering business change initiatives is becoming increasingly important as organisations strive towards world class standards in change project delivery.

Stress management (negative) and personal growth (positive) are now on the corporate agenda. Business analysis can have a key role in delivering change initiatives that are positive in approach and enhance individual expertise.

The Approach

The belief that externally managed change initiatives bring too few significant benefits is being matched by an increasing awareness of the value of developing strong generic business analysis skills within the organisation.
An understanding of the project based approach to business problem solving, in combination with the individual’s specific business knowledge and experience, can create a powerful resource to effect major business change

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