Oil and Gas


The exploration and production industry is plagued with human resources and human capital development challenges. Our pool of courses, programs, is well suited to address these challenges and deficiencies. The consequence of this is a shortage of technical experts in the oil and gas industry that is the cash cow of the world especially in Africa and the Middle

Human Resources Talent Register

Sagewise Consulting is a leading expert in the Talent register industry from universities, oil gas, power generation and other essential sectors we have distinguished ourselves as a dependable, capable hands on consulting. More interesting is the fact that you can reach us at the snap of your finger(clicking of your mouse) and will deliver to you speedily.We develop data base. We match agencies and people. We find the right people with the specialist skills for the right company, institution or nation.

Core functional areas:

  • Database development.
  • Recruitment
  • Redeployment
  • Planning
  • Support System
  • Management of human and material recourses.

Sagewise Consulting also partners with other specialties in the field to deliver to your taste such as AIG consulting Cube Consulting

Our capabilities

Our capabilities expand through a broad range of global markets, including three distinct segments, Oil & Gas, Power, and Industrial. In each of these segments, Sagewise team brings years of knowledge and experience, spanning global reach.

• Wind Power Generation
• Simple Cycle
• Combined Cycle
• Co-Generation
• Fossil Fuel
• Coal-Fired
• Emission / SCRs

Oil & Gas
• Upstream
• Refining
• Gas Processing
• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Polymers
• Polysilicon

• Waste Management
• Recycling
• Telecommunications
• Power Network
• Substations
• Transmissions

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